Visual And Verbal Communication With Students

Communication between an educator and his or her students is essential in order to ensure quality of learning. Whether the exchange is visual or verbal, both are effective ways of not only teaching the material, but also monitoring the student progress. Without adequate communication, the classroom environment is not the ideal setting for any child. Visual and verbal communication between teachers and students is an important part of English and math tutoring.

Visual communication with students, especially those of a younger age, provides concrete support for concepts and ideas. Visual representation of information is vital for the development of children in their thinking, learning, understanding, and application of curriculum. Transforming visual representations into mental images provides students with an on-hand reference of the studied material. There are many ways tools available to teachers to make visual representations possible in visual communication: chalkboards, dry erase boards, bulletin boards, overhead projectors, and new technology such as Smart Boards. This makes visual communication accessible for students of all ages in especially in math tutoring and classroom settings.

In an elementary setting or in individual English and math tutoring sessions, examples of applied learning are demonstrated through models of students' work on classroom walls and bulletin boards. This enables teachers to demonstrate what their students are learning and how they are applying newly taught information. It is necessary to provide younger children with a concrete representation of the how's and why's of simple processes. By using a chalkboard or dry erase board, information is visually transferred to students. Technologically advanced tools, such as Smart Boards, in the elementary classroom provide a captivating, intriguing way to encourage the learning process.

In order to teach effectively, verbal communication is a necessity, not only for teachers of large classrooms, but also for English and math tutors. One must be capable of relaying information in a way that allows students to understand and retain what is being taught. A teacher's verbal communication models what he or she expects from students. Proper grammar, syntax, pronunciation, and avoidance of slang terms are important characteristics of communication with students. Verbal conversation and interaction in the classroom as well as one-on-one English or math tutoring sessions is also a way to encourage the exchange of ideas and opinions on varying subjects between teacher and students as well as student and student. Classroom discussions are an excellent form of monitoring what students have absorbed of the curriculum. When learners are capable of verbally expressing their points of view on a particular subject, it demonstrates to the teacher that information has been thoroughly taught and learned.

While verbal communication can serve to express positive and negative feedback in a direct way, visual communication can serve the same purpose indirectly. Students can take visual cues, either from teachers or other students, and adjust their behavior to suit the tone of their environment. For example, a teacher may flip the lights off and on quickly to indicate the classroom is too disruptive. As a pre-designated signal, students recognize their behavior should change and the teacher is rewarded with a quieter class and may resume with the next lesson. In English or math tutoring sessions, visual cues can be as simple as raising a hand to indicate behavior adjustment is necessary.

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Article Source: Amanda Ahlstrom


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