Is It Worth the Time to Convert All the TED Conference Videos to Holograms?

Perhaps you've seen those new iPhone apps and they are also available for the iPad which allow you to walk around an object taking different pictures from different angles, and the app puts it all together so you have a 3-D modeling image. Well what if we did that when a professor was giving a lecture, or a famous or brilliant speaker was talking? Have you ever been to Disney World where they have Abraham Lincoln and they have a projector moving his face around and it looks as if he's talking to you? That's pretty cool isn't it?

Well, why can't we convert all the TED conference videos to holograms? You see, not long ago, I read a RAND report on how to bring creativity back into the classroom. Well, I can't think of a better way than to take those TED videos, and start playing them to junior high and high school students, and those in their first year of college. I'm quite certain that those that specialize in a certain niche in the upper division degreed programs are already watching the TED features that have to do with their academic field.

Now then, is it worth the time, effort, cost, and energy to convert all these TED conference videos into holograms? Yes, I believe it is, and I would submit to you that it might be a lot easier than we think. In fact, you could probably take a bunch of iPads on stands and put them around on the stage focused on the individual giving the talk - and then merely use the app that's available, and it's not like these technological whizzes can't figure this out anyway. Imagine what we would have for the future of education, and teaching in the classroom moving forward in the information age?

Indeed, I don't know why anyone hasn't done this, it's a very simple thing, we have the technology and those talks are entertaining, they are dynamic, and they are spoken with passion. Students will see that, they will feel the energy, and the excitement. What a great way to light the fire of learning, thinking, and innovation in the next generation of Americans?

I personally can't think of a better way myself. The reality is it doesn't cost much, we already have the technology, and holograms are coming fast into the educational space. Isn't it time that TED got on board, because those old videos are so 30 seconds ago. Please consider all this and think on it.

Article Source: Lance Winslow

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