How Do I Become a Private Tutor?

To become a tutor you must hold a degree or teacher's qualification. Many graduates find that tutoring in a subject that they have recently attained their degree in is a fantastic way to share their knowledge and provide up to date help with essay technique to revision tips. Tutoring also provides excellent experience in teaching on a one-to-one or small group basis so you can learn different ways in which students can be taught if you were to go on to apply for a teaching qualification. PGCE students also find that tutoring is a way to supplement their learning and enhance their teaching skills.

Many teachers, part-time teachers or retired teachers tutor as they have experience with the different syllabuses that are being taught in schools and can bring their experience to private tuition. Working as a tutor can also supplement your income especially around the exam period in January and May/June when the demand for tuition increases.

Private tutoring requires you to communicate in an effective way that helps the student understand areas that they were struggling with at school, college or university. You need to be able to improve their understanding in an engaging way which makes the tutorial fun, but also so they also come away feeling confident that they now know how to tackle that topic. Students also learn in different ways so you need to adapt your tutorials to suit your student especially as their ages will determine how they prefer to learn.

The easiest way to start tutoring is to sign up to an agency. Some agencies provide a free application process where by you will be added to their database and then contacted by the agency when work relevant to your area of expertise becomes available. Other agencies will post your information on their websites so that people interested in your experience as a tutor will contact you directly. When you sign up to an agency you will also be required to have a CRB check as you will be working with children. The tuition agency will usually carry out the CRB check on the tutors' behalf.

When you become a tutor you can decide how many hours you work and when you wish to tutor in accordance with the tutee's availability. The demand for private tuition is increasing as there is so much competition for students to enter the college or university which is their first choice. Many tutors work full time but some prefer to work in the Easter or Christmas holidays and tutor intensive revision courses. This means that you can be as flexible as you want to be.

Article Source: David Furphy


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  5. It's important to have patience and to have a genuine interest in working with younger people or those looking to learn a new skill. If you have the ability to motivate people and approach new challenges with enthusiasm, then working as a private tutor can give you great job satisfaction.

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