Make The Right Preparations Before Travelling Abroad To Teach English

If you are interested in teaching English overseas, you should begin to make your plans as there are many programs that are in need of qualified teachers. You may have to wait for three to four months before you make the transit to a foreign destinations where you can teach for a whole year or even more and if you prepare correctly you will find that you have made a great choice.

The first criterion is to ensure that your documentation is proper. You must have a valid passport for going overseas. If you have to apply for one you may have to wait for a few months so get the paper work done immediately including getting your photo taken. You may have to contact the U.S Department of State to get your visa. You can get details of the documents required if you visit their website and find out what is required to travel to the host country. Make sure you have copies of your passport, health insurance, life insurance and other important documents. You need to keep one set of these copies with a trusted family member or friend and one with you when you are abroad. Make a careful list of the people, who require to be informed of eventualities, such as your family members, doctor, lawyer and accountant.

Make sure your doctor performs tests on you to check if you are keeping good health and can travel to a far off destination. It would be advisable to let him know the countries you are likely to visit as he would recommend the vaccinations and other medications that you should carry with you to prevent you falling ill abroad. Ask if your doctor knows someone in the foreign country who is able to communicate in English as this would help a great deal. Carry at least three months stock of medicines and prescriptions to enable you to purchase medication when you are travelling overseas.

It is essential to allow a family member or close friend to monitor your accounts if you use debit cards to pay bills. This will prevent you from overdrawing from your account. The local IRS office will help you with paperwork in case you need to file income tax returns. You can get by with about $1000 to $ 2000 in the first months till your pay check is received.

If you live abroad, you should give contact numbers to your friends and family and you will find that the Teaching English programs always encourage you in this regard. You should be able to contact your family in an emergency or the company that offered you the contract. Find out where the nearest consulate office as well as the American Embassy is when you arrive at your foreign destination and ensure that you carry the information where they can be contacted with you always. It is wise to be prepared for all eventualities when you decide to go abroad and teach in a new destination.

Article Source: Matthew Kepnes

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