Creative Genius Brains Have a Better Bypass Mechanism - Now Let's Stop the Torment in Our Schools

Now then, I completely understand our public school system in hindsight, even if my personal experience with the program left a lot to be desired in my book. You see, we need to train our work force and an educated society is important to progress forward, as much as maintain all we are and all we've built. What gets taught is decided by the policy makers at various levels, the kids in school, well, they just do as they are told, learn the material, and accept all this information being forced fed. Okay so, I get that, still, I'd like to discuss this a bit.

Today, it's said that we need to make sure everyone goes to college. Why, well to get a better job of course, makes sense right, however if everyone goes to college, and there are a finite number of jobs, that doesn't give one the advantage, after all there are millions of others also with a college education and who knows 10s of thousands with the exact same knowledge. Are we not creating human robots as we force everyone to learn all the same things, the same way, all submitting to authority?

I find it fascinating that all of a sudden there is a big cry for more creativity, innovation, and creative thinking in our schools, so that our education system can make more entrepreneurs, geniuses, and innovators, perhaps like Steve Jobs is a common theme. Well, we are not going to be able to do that if we continually educate by the same methodology I speak of above. So, what's the answer you ask?

Let the thinkers ditch the rote memorization and authority driven syllabus to hyperspace their minds to the next level, and the next, and so on. Their minds are capable, unfortunately those that aren't often are the teachers, educators, and cogs in the wheel of education. For real creative geniuses, school is a prison for kids, tormenting their very existence, so, if we truly want the creative thinkers to propel our nation forward in the future, we need a bypass mechanism for them.

It is my contention that we have plenty of creative geniuses in our society already, but we are destroying them and their innovative minds at such a rapid rate due to our authoritative, rote memorizing, and one-size-fits-all programming - that it baffles me this schizophrenic policy making in education, unless, what they say they want is just a BS line to make everyone feel good. Our current system is anti-creative genius, it doesn't produce them, it destroys them or tries too, some slip through, able to play the game, while understanding it for what it really is. Please consider all this and think on it.

Article Source: Lance Winslow

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