Quality or Quantity in Our Education - What Is Taught to the Majority?

We live in a world full of competition and selfishness but should this be present in our teaching system as well? Well, the answer is obviously "no"; everyone will accept it, right? But is this accepted by most of the institutions in the world around especially in under-developed countries.

I am a not an outstanding student getting good marks but this does not at all mean that I don't know about the world and I do not have much knowledge like the ones who get the highest marks. Have you ever noticed that a highest scorer always have great bragging points in him which an average student might bear but a student with less marks can never stand those points because for that so-called low scorer person those points could be bullets on his chest which not only kill the confidence but also kills all the hope inside him.

Man is always in the verge of gaining knowledge so everyone is a student no matter what his age is. Three types of students have already been mentioned: the highest scorer; an average student; and a low scorer or the one who hardly pass. The difference is all dependent on the marks obtained unnoticing the talents in each. We all accept the fact that everyone weather big or small is born with a talent inside but are the teachers and the institutions help these students find those talents? Actually no, because most prefer marks over knowledge and talent. This leads to superiority complex for the high marks gainer and inferiority complex for those who can't take good marks. This results in stealing or digging the talents of majority of the students.

Now the question arises that how can we eliminate this complex and the race of acquiring more and more marks. The answer for this question which I discovered is simple, that is, by putting an end to this demoralizing "marking system" and putting up a system of "pass or fail". This will not only help more talent to rise but will also help eliminating all the classes and standards among the students. A more friendly atmosphere can be created among the students with more and more learning experience and less favoritism and complexity.

This world can be a heaven to live upon if these little steps are taken. Education builds the whole world free of crimes and disasters but for that education should be fair enough for everyone. Education can never be out-rated and is a life time partner of the world so it should be looked upon wholeheartedly. So at least we can give a try of finishing this numbers and quantity system and focus on knowledge of quality for everyone.

We will surely love the life of equality.

Article Source: Mashal Ahmed Malik

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